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What’s my property Worth?

It seems a simple question, but if you ask 5 different agents you will get at least 5 different answers.  At Barlavi, while we aim to give you the most honest and data driven answer, we understand the lasting connection you have to your home, and that there is a value beyond the mathematics, data driven, number crunchers.  From the pedestal sink in the master bathroom that you bought on your trip in Italy, to the pain staking exquisite character details that you put into your property, we notice it and we value it.  The Barlavi team understands the fine line between data driven buyers and the product and quality of your property, and we turn it into a SOLD property.

Combined with our award winning marketing model, our boutique firm may be small in numbers, but our reach is limitless. As a boutique firm we are not bound by corporate obstacles. We will find both conventional and non-conventional means to list, market, and sell your property at its highest worth, in the shortest time available. And now, armed with new technology, we can take your listing world-wide and present offers from buyers all over the world!

Combined with decades of experience in all aspects of real estate, our team is at your service. Contact us on the form below today for a professional, honest, and in depth valuation of your property at no charge.